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This calculator solves for any of the 4 items in the lever Equation Enter 3 out of 4 items that you know and press the button
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F1x = F2(d - x)
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Enter 3 out of 4 below:
F1 x F2 d

Given F1 = 10, F21 = 20, Distance from F1 to fulcrum (x) = 5, calculate Lever Length (d)

The Lever Equation is as follows:
F1x = F2(d - x)

Multiply the right side of the equation out:
F1x = F2d - F2x

Add F2x to both sides:
F1x + F2x = F2d - F2x + F2x

Cancelling F2x on the right side, we get:
F1x + F2x = F2d

Factor out x:
x(F1 + F2) = F2d

Divide each side of the equation by F2:
x(F1 + F2)

Cancelling F2 on the right side, we get:
d  =  x(F1 + F2)

Plug in our numbers and simplify:
d  =  5(10 + 20)

d  =  5(30)

x  =  150

Lever Length (d) = 7.5

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