An annulus has large radius 12 and small radius 5

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An annulus has a large radius (R) of 12 and a small radius (r) of 5, calculate the Area (A) and equation of the annulus

Calculate Area (A):

A = π(R2 - r2)
A = π(122 - 52)
A = π(144 - 25)
A = 119π ~ 373.8495

Calculate Equation (assume radius of (0,0):

25 ≤ x2 + y2 ≤ 144

What is the Answer?

25 ≤ x2 + y2 ≤ 144

How does the Annulus Calculator work?

Calculates the area of an annulus and the equation of the annulus using the radius of the large and small concentric circles.
This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 1 formula is used for the Annulus Calculator?

  1. A = π(R2 - r2)

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What 3 concepts are covered in the Annulus Calculator?

A ring shaped object, bounded by two concentric circles
the set of all points in the plane that are a fixed distance from a fixed point
Distance from the center of a circle to the edge

Example calculations for the Annulus Calculator

  1. An annulus has an outer radius of 12 and an inner radius of 5

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