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I must warn you...this service is not for everybody. First, you must qualify.

Who Is This Service Not For?

  • Procrastinators
  • Those who want to keep the same salary
  • People who want to stay the same and not improve
  • People who want to study for an agonizing amount of hours without passing on the first try

Who Is This Service Perfect For?

  • Those who take action
  • People who like to get ahead
  • Smart people who use their time efficiently
  • People who like to pass exams on the first try

Benefits of Certification

Certification Magazine confirmed what we've long suspected - people with certifications earn more money and get more job offers than their uncertified colleagues.

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Do you have questions?

Q: Are the questions from real exams?

A: Yes. All questions are from live exams over the last 30 days

Q: How are the answers sent?

A: From the questions page you were recently on, a code is emailed to you when you purchase which turns all the correct answers into bold. On the exam answers page, there is an instant search box. As you type your question, the questions list filters immediately so you can find your question quickly. This allows you to shave the amount of time it takes to complete the exam. You will breeze through the exam.

Q: Is this real? Who are you and why are you charging for answers?

A: We have a team of exam experts across the world who pass the exams. Each month, they get more questions and correct answers for you. In return, you get to pass an exam quickly and get certified. Getting certified gives you more opportunity, and more money in your career. Recent studies put this number at a few thousand a year extra on your salary. In return for this benefit, you invest a small amount to pass the exam quickly and easily. Seems like a good trade, right?

My name is Don Sevcik, and I've ran this website since 2007. You can learn my entire story by clicking the About MC link at the top of this page. From there, you can listen to an exclusive iHeartRadio audio interview, or read the transcripts to learn more about me and how I built this website.

Q: How do you differ from other exam services?

A: Speed. Other services make you scroll down hunting and pecking for questions and answers. We have instant search technology similar to Google. Which means as you start typing your question in our search box, the question list filters immediately. Your answer is served up in the blink of an eye. It's like taking a test with the cheat codes.

Q: How many of the answers are correct?

A: On average, 5% above the minimum pass rate. So if the minimum pass rate is 80%, the average score is 85%

Q: How often are the questions and answers updated?

We update exam questions every six to eight weeks. We also have fans that alert us to new exam questions and answers which we add periodically.

Q: Do you have any package deals?

A: You can buy all the answers to all the exams on this page for $97 billable every 30 days until you cancel. Or, you can hire us to take the exam for you. Each exam we take for you is $997.

Q: Who benefits from this service?

A: Working professionals. Students taking a course. Business owners working with clients. Those looking for bragging rights. If you want to get certified quickly without studying and without pressure, this service is for you.

Q: What if I want to study the material?

A: We include source links with each answer. After you pass your exam, go back and review the source links. Each source link shows you how to master the concepts.

You cut through the clutter, and find exactly what you need to learn. We help you work in reverse. Pass the exam and get certified first. Now you've seen the questions. After you pass, go directly to the learning module and find out how to get the answer.

Q: What are my guarantees and insurance on this service?

A: If you sign up for the service, you will get certified in the exam you take. The average score you will receive is 4% to 6% above passing. The guarantee does NOT cover a 100% or A+ score. It guarantees a score level necessary for certification status. Otherwise, you get your money back.

In addition, if you do not pass, besides a full refund, I'll give you the answers to another exam, FREE of charge, just for trying out our service.

Q: What about testimonials?

A: Look at the window on the right side of this page. Every week, more testimonials are delivered. Unlike other websites where it's the same 2-3 testimonials, we showcase up to date as well as historical testimonials. We use a third party service called ReviewTrust, which does not allow us to change or alter any testimonial.

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