HubSpot Inbound Certification Exam

The HubSpot Inbound questions have been removed. For more information, please visit HubSpot Academy
Note: The following questions are samples of material seen on the exam. Due to copyright issues, we do not post exact questions and answers. Instead, we post material you must know on the exam not exclusively copyrighted by HubSpot.

1)  What does not represent inbound marketing?
  A)  A hard sales pitch
  B)  Producing good content
  C)  Lead nurturing
  D)  Understanding buyers needs

2)  Which of the following is not a content marketing best practice?
  A)  Producing high quality blog posts to educate readers
  B)  Build trust over time
  C)  Understanding where a person is at in a decision making process
  D)  Asking for a hard sell immediately

3)  True or False: Great content only cares about getting a sale
  A)  True
  B)  False