HubSpot Sales Software Exam

The HubSpot Sales Software questions have been removed. For more information, please visit HubSpot Academy
Note: The following questions are samples of material seen on the exam. Due to copyright issues, we do not post exact questions and answers. Instead, we post material you must know on the exam not exclusively copyrighted by HubSpot.

1)  Views are judged based on
  A)  speed
  B)  ease of use
  C)  Actionability
  D)  automation

2)  Another word for the progress of a sale is
  A)  Momentum
  B)  Deal
  C)  Lifecycle
  D)  Timeline

3)  Choose the best answer: Name the one quality besides a great subject line that helps get your email opened
  A)  Charm
  B)  Luck
  C)  Email Provider
  D)  Timing