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Population Growth Logic

We model our population growth equation, P(t) using the following variables:

P0 as our initial population, p as our percent growth, and t as the units of time.

Our Population Growth Formula is:

P(t) = P0(1 + p)t

We are given the following values:

P0 = 43000, p = -0.01, and t = 14

Since the population decreases, we subtract p = -0.01

Using our given values, our population model is:

P(t) = 43000(1 - 0.01)t

P(t) = 43000(0.99)t

The problem asks for P(14)

P(14) = 43000(0.99)14

P(14) = 43000(0.86874581276898)

P(14) = 37356.069949066

Round our answer:

Rounded to the nearest integer, our population is 37356

What is the Answer?
Rounded to the nearest integer, our population is 37356
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What 1 formula is used for the Population Growth Calculator?

P(t) = P0(1 + p)t

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The power to raise a number
of or relating to an exponent
all the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country.
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