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additive - having the property that the sum of two quantities is equal to the sum of the values of each quantity

Additive Identity Property
Free Additive Identity Property Calculator - Displays the line by line proof for the additive identity property Numerical Properties

Additive Inverse Property
Free Additive Inverse Property Calculator - Demonstrates the Additive Inverse property using a number. A + (-A) = 0 Numerical Properties

Rational Number Subtraction
Free Rational Number Subtraction Calculator - Subtracting 2 numbers, this shows an equivalent operations is adding the additive inverse. p - q = p + (-q)

Utility and Cost Utility Ratio
Free Utility and Cost Utility Ratio Calculator - Given 2 methods with a set of utilities and weights/probabilities, this will calculate the utility for each method, as well as the total utility using the additive method, as well as the Cost Utility Ratio