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matrix - a rectangular array of numbers or symbols which are generally arranged in rows and columns

Basic m x n Matrix Operations
Free Basic m x n Matrix Operations Calculator - Given 2 matrices |A| and |B|, this performs the following basic matrix operations
* Matrix Addition |A| + |B|
* Matrix Subtraction |A| - |B|
* Matrix Multiplication |A| x |B|
* Scalar multiplication rA where r is a constant.

Digraph Items
Free Digraph Items Calculator - Given a digraph, this determines the leader, and symmetric matrix.

1) [URL='']Net present value[/URL] = $1,019.85 [URL='']IRR[/URL] = 14% I need a reinvestment rate from you for [URL='']MIRR shown here[/URL] Yes, we should pursue the project since NPV > 0 2) [URL='']Net present value[/URL] = $916.32 Buy A as it has the higher net present value.

Find the elements on the principal diagonal of matrix B
Find the elements on the principal diagonal of matrix B Matrix B: |0 0 8| |-1 3 0| |2 -5 -7| The main diagonal is any entry where row equals column |[B]0[/B] 0 8| |-1 [B]3 [/B] 0| |2 -5 [B]-7[/B]| In this case, it is [B]0, 3, -7[/B]

Markov Chain
Free Markov Chain Calculator - Given a transition matrix and initial state vector, this runs a Markov Chain process.

Matrix Properties
Free Matrix Properties Calculator - Given a matrix |A|, this calculates the following items if they exist:
* Determinant = det(A)
* Inverse = A-1
* Transpose = AT
* Adjoint = adj(A)
* Eigen equation (characteristic polynomial) = det|λI - A|
* Trace = tr(A)
* Gauss-Jordan Elimination using Row Echelon and Reduced Row Echelon Form
* Dimensions of |A| m x n
* Order of a matrix
* Euclidean Norm ||A||
* Magic Sum if it exists
* Determines if |A| is an Exchange Matrix

Solving word problems with the matrix method?
Hello everyone. I am stuck on a work question that we are required to solve using the matrix (or Gauss-Jordan) method. [CENTER]"A car rental company wants to buy 100 new cars. Compact cars cost $12,000 each, intermediate size cars cost $18,000 each, full size cars cost $24,000 each, and the company has a budget of $1,500,000. If they purchase twice as many compact cars as intermediate sized cars, determine the number of cars of each type that they buy, assuming they spend the entire budget." [/CENTER] I am fairly certain that I could solve this easily, except I cannot figure out the proper three equations that correspond to this question. I someone could help me figure them out, it would be greatly appreciated!