Tip Calculator

<-- Bill Amount
<-- Number of People
%<-- Tip Percent

How does the Tip Calculator work?

Calculates the total bill with Tip and how much each person owes if the bill is split evenly. Shows the amount of tip per person.
This calculator has 3 inputs.

What 1 formula is used for the Tip Calculator?

  1. Total Bill = Original Bill * (1 + Tip%)

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What 3 concepts are covered in the Tip Calculator?

the amount due for products or services rendered including current charges and previous unpaid balance, plus or minus any adjustments.
a specified amount in or for every hundred. one part in every hundred.
n% = n/100
a sum of money gratuitously and voluntarily left by a customer for service, or indicated on a bill or charge statement, to be paid to a service or tipped employee for directly and personally serving the customer in a hotel, motel, tourist place, or restaurant.

Example calculations for the Tip Calculator

  1. 15% tip for 9.80
  2. 10 percent tip for 20.03

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