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Solve the following equation


Solve for h

5.50h + 19 = 6.75h + 11

Group variables

Group our variables 5.50h and 6.75h
subtract 6.75h from both sides

5.50h + 19 - 6.75h = 6.75h + 11 - 6.75h

Cancel 6.75h on the right side:

-1.25h + 19 = 11

Group constants

Group our constants 19 and 11.
subtract 19 from both sides

-1.25h + 19 - 19 = 11 - 19

Cancel 19 on the left side:

-1.25h = -8

Divide each side of the equation by -1.25


h = 6.4

Final Answer

h = 6.4

What is the Answer?
h = 6.4
How does the Equation and Inequalities Calculator work?
Free Equation and Inequalities Calculator - Solves an equation or inequality with 1 unknown variable and no exponents as well as certain absolute value equations and inequalities such as |x|=c and |ax| = c where a and c are constants. Solves square root, cube root, and other root equations in the form ax^2=c, ax^2 + b = c. Also solves radical equations in the form asqrt(bx) = c. Also solves open sentences and it will solve one step problems and two step equations. 2 step equations and one step equations and multi step equations
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What 3 formulas are used for the Equation and Inequalities Calculator?

One Step Equations (Division): cx = b x = b/c
One Step Equations (Addition): x + c = b x = b - c
One Step Equations (Subtraction): x - c = b x = b + c

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What 4 concepts are covered in the Equation and Inequalities Calculator?

a statement declaring two mathematical expressions are equal
equation and inequalities
a number or value we do not know
Alphabetic character representing a number
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