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How does the Absolute Value Calculator work?

Free Absolute Value Calculator - Add, subtract, multiply or divide any two numbers with absolute value signs. Positive Difference.
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What 5 formulas are used for the Absolute Value Calculator?

|-x| = x
|x| = x
-|x| = -x
-|-x| = -x

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What 5 concepts are covered in the Absolute Value Calculator?

absolute value
A positive number representing the distance from 0 on a number line
math operation involving the sum of elements
separate a number into parts
math operation involving the product of elements
math operation involving the difference of elements

Example calculations for the Absolute Value Calculator

  1. |35|
  2. -|47|
  3. -|-25|
  4. |4-6+2-3|
  5. -|50|*|-35|
  6. |35|+|-25|
  7. |-50|/-|-25|
  8. abs(-45)

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