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How does the Binomial Multiplication (FOIL) Calculator work?
Free Binomial Multiplication (FOIL) Calculator - Multiplies out the product of 2 binomials in the form (a + b)(c + d) with 1 unknown variable.
This utilizes the First-Outside-Inside-Last (F.O.I.L.) method.
This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 2 formulas are used for the Binomial Multiplication (FOIL) Calculator?

FOIL = First, Outside, Inside, Last. Multiply the first terms together, then the outside terms together, then the inside terms together, then the last term together.
(a + b)(c + d) = ab + ad + bc + bd

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What 5 concepts are covered in the Binomial Multiplication (FOIL) Calculator?
First Outside Inside Last - A method for multiplying two binomials
Polynomial which is the sum of two monomials
binomial multiplication (foil)
math operation involving the product of elements
Alphabetic character representing a number
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