College Prep Confidential Podcast Episodes

CPC Episode #33 - Think Like Elon Musk with These Models

What if you could install part of Elon Musk's brain into your brain? How would that change your life? In this episode, we're covering thinking tips like:

CPC Episode #32 - Transform a Crappy College Essay into a Masterpiece with This One Skill

Are you a bad writer? An average writer? Here's how to transform yourself into a keyboard killer using one skill. 

CPC Episode #31 - Attack Anxiety Using Temporal Tricks

Anxiety is a national nuisance. Can your interpretation of time affect anxiety? Yes, and you'll discover nuggets like:

CPC Episode #30 - Transform Your Life With This Equation

Can one equation really transform your life? Yes, and you'll discover how with insights like:

CPC Episode #29 - Varsity Blues Scandal and the Most Important Skill To Learn In College

Are you disgusted yet? The Varsity Blues scandal has people questioning if college selection is rigged. The scandal teaches us a valuable lesson for those of us who follow the rules like:

CPC Episode #28 - Fortune Favors the Bold: Solving Unsolvable Problems

Society loves to tell us what to think. If you listen, you limit yourself. Instead, seek greatness by discovering:

CPC Episode #27 - What a Gunslinging Shrimp Can Teach You About Turning Weaknesses Into Strengths

Can you really turn liabilities and shortcomings into advantages? Yes, and you'll discover how with tidbits like:

CPC Episode #26 - 10 Steps to Choosing the Right College

How would you like 10 easy steps to choose the right college? If so, then check out:

CPC Episode #25 - Now Is The Time To Stick It In... Nice and Deep

The recent college ruling rains down manna from heaven. Get the details such as:

CPC Episode #24 - Treating Students as Stocks

A new rival to student loans has arrived. Discover:

CPC Episode #23 - Do This ONE Thing On Your College Essay In 8 Seconds Or Else

College essay competition is fierce. Discover how to get your essay read with tricks like:

CPC Episode #22 - Do You Make These Financial Aid Mistakes?

Sometimes, slowing down helps you go faster. And we'll cover how to avoid financial aid blunders with tips like:

CPC Episode #21 - Crush College Exams Using This 100 Million Year Old Trick

In this episode, we'll transform your mind into a thermostat for success with tips like:

CPC Episode #20 - Desperation Is The World's Worst Cologne

This episode is dedicated to giving you negotiation power with tips like:

CPC Episode #19 - Secret of the 3 Sisters

Want to power up your brain? Then check out the learning habits of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Oprah with nuggets like:

CPC Episode #18 - Why Phone Numbers Have Dashes And the Secret to a Steel Trap Memory

College Recruiters research your social media. To reel them in and get attention, optimize this photo on LinkedIn with tips like:

Memory experts cite one special technique for their skill. In this episode, I'll reveal...

CPC Episode #17 - The Most Important College Recruitment Photo You Will Ever Take

College Recruiters research your social media. To reel them in and get attention, optimize this photo on LinkedIn with tips like:

CPC Episode #16 - Stop College Admissions Officers Dead In Their Tracks With This Tabloid Trick

We're dissecting Tabloid Magazines and the powerful writing lessons they give such as:

CPC Episode #15 - 7 Math Brain Filters

2 people can see the exact same math problem, but interpret it completely different. This is because we all use brain filters. And in this episode, we'll reveal:

CPC Episode #14 - Access Forbidden Knowledge From an $80 Cup of Cat Poop

I bet you never thought you'd find deep lessons inside cat turds, did you? Well you will, in Episode 14, with nuggets like:

CPC Episode #13 - Lord of the Flings

Are you turning your brain into mush with this one behavior? Discover the diagnosis and cure with tips like:

CPC Episode #12 - It's There If You Know Where To Look

This week, we're tapping the power of "the search", and how it gives you laser focus for your college prep journey and beyond with insights like:

CPC Episode #11 - What the U.S. Navy and a $2,500 Flash Drive Can Show You About Getting College Advisors Eyeballs Glued to your Essay

College Essays can make or break your college prep. Discover how to make your writing pull in college advisors with tips like:

CPC Episode #10 - Don't Apply To College Until You Jot These 3 Letters Down

College Prep can be grueling. You need help, and this episode will show you how with tips like:

CPC Episode #9 - Optimize your memory using this invention by "Napoleon's Scientist"

Want to build a memory like a steel trap for your ACT and SAT exams? Then let's pull back the curtain to reveal tips like...

CPC Episode #8 - Is the Key To Exam Dominance Hiding Inside These Russian Dolls?

In this episode, we're tapping into Russian culture, wind currents, and horse racing to reveal:

CPC Episode #7 - Warren Buffett’s College Prep Strategy: Seek Stupidity to Get Smarter

In Episode 7, we'll channel Warren Buffet’s Seek Stupidity to Get Smarter trick to help you conquer college prep. You'll discover:

CPC Episode #6 - Alien Invasions and Electrical Insulators Reveal Clues To Better College Test Scores

In Episode 6, we're digging deep into learning mastery tips for College Prep Exams including:

CPC Episode #5 - Financial Time Machine Earns you $87,050 over 10 years if you avoid THIS 4 Letter Word

In this episode, I'll reveal:

CPC Episode #4 - Discover How To Use Financial Aid Alchemy To Boost Your Financial Aid Package

In Episode 4, we cover the secret of Financial Aid Alchemy, and how you can move, or reclassify your assets and income to get more financial aid. You'll discover:

CPC Episode #3 - Canadian Game Show Hosts Discovers The Key to Test Taking Mastery from Addition By Subtraction

In this episode you'll discover a test taking secret expert test takers use. The secret comes from combining a Canadian Game Show Host's problem and neuroscience. In this episode, you'll discover:

CPC Episode #2 - These 3 Letters Will Have Colleges Eating Out of the Palm Of Your Hand

In episode #2, we cover the 3 letters you can use to have colleges eating out of the palm of your hand. We show you how you can use these 3 letters like businesses do to. A

You'll also learn the 2 sales made for college prep, and how you can take advantage of both of them. When you make the first sale, you'll discover:

CPC Episode #1 - You Are The Prize

In this pilot episode for the College Prep Confidential podcast, we show college bound students and parents of college bound students how to take advantages and get more money. We'll cover: