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A cube has Volume (V) of 12

Calculate the side and Lateral Area and Surface Area.

Volume Formula

V = s3

Take the one-third root of both sides

s = V1/3

s = 121/3

s = 2.2894

Calculate Lateral Area (LA):

LA = 4s2

LA = 4 * 2.28942

LA = 4 *

LA = 20.96540944

Calculate Surface Area (SA):

SA = 6s2

SA = 6 * 2.28942

SA = 6 * 5.24135236

SA = 31.44811416

Calculate the Cube Diagonal (d)

d = √3s

d = √3(2.2894)

d = 1.7320508075689 x 2.2894

d = 3.9653571188482

Other Properties:

Faces = 6

Sides (Edges) = 12

Vertices = 8

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Free Cube Calculator - Solves for Volume (Capacity), Lateral Area,Surface Area, and the value of a side for a cube.
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the maximum amount that something can contain
solid three-dimensional figure, which has 6 square faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges
lateral area
the calculation of the area of one side of a three-dimensional object
line segment joining two vertices in a polygon also known as an edge
surface area
the amount of space covering the outside of a three-dimensional shape.
quantity of 3-dimensional space
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