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How does the Exponential Growth Calculator work?
Free Exponential Growth Calculator - This solves for any 1 of the 4 items in the exponential growth equation or exponential decay equation, Initial Value (P), Ending Value (A), Rate (r), and Time (t).
This calculator has 4 inputs.

What 2 formulas are used for the Exponential Growth Calculator?

Pert = A
e is Eulers Constant = 2.718281828459

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What 5 concepts are covered in the Exponential Growth Calculator?
Reduction in size from decomposition
of or relating to an exponent
exponential growth
growth whose rate increase in proportion to the total number
the ratio between two related quantities in different units. A measure, quantity, or frequency.
a point of time as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon
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Exponential Growth Calculator Video

Exponential Growth Calculator Video