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How does the Target Heart Rate Calculator work?
Free Target Heart Rate Calculator - Given an age, this calculator determines the following 5 target heart rate zones:
Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) 50 - 60%
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60 - 70%
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70 - 80%
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) 80 - 90%
Red Line (Maximum Effort) 90 - 100%
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What 6 concepts are covered in the Target Heart Rate Calculator?
exertion or organism requiring oxygen
functional and metabolic efficiency of humans
Organ which pumps blood
a specified amount in or for every hundred. one part in every hundred.
n% = n/100
the ratio between two related quantities in different units. A measure, quantity, or frequency.
target heart rate
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