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Note: The following questions are samples of material seen on the exam. Due to copyright issues, we do not post exact questions and answers. Instead, we post material you must know on the exam not exclusively copyrighted by HubSpot.

1)  How is organic content promotion different from paid content promotion?
  A)  Organic is for everybody
  B)  Paid content costs too much
  C)  Organic Content is targeted and paid content is spread out
  D)  Organic content is spread out to a large audience and paid content is highly targeted

2)  What do you call the process where a person goes from a visitor, to a lead, to a customer?
  A)  Marketing Process
  B)  Sales Choreography
  C)  Marketing Funnel
  D)  Buyers Decision Tree

3)  What is the term used to associate a marketing channel with a conversion?
  A)  Distribution
  B)  Attribution
  C)  Association
  D)  Conversion Goal