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Isosceles Triangle

How does the Isosceles Triangle Calculator work?
Free Isosceles Triangle Calculator - Given a long side (a) and a short side (b), this determines the following items of the isosceles triangle:
* Area (A)
* Semi-Perimeter (s)
* Altitude a (ha)
* Altitude b (hb)
* Altitude c (hc)

This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 1 formula is used for the Isosceles Triangle Calculator?

A = b/4 x √4a2 - b2

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What 6 concepts are covered in the Isosceles Triangle Calculator?
segment from the vertex of a triangle ot the other side of the triangle
Number of square units covering the shape
isosceles triangle
A triangle with two equal sides and an unequal third side
The distance around a shape or object
half the perimeter of a polygon
s = P/2
a flat geometric figure that has three sides and three angles

Isosceles Triangle Calculator Video

Isosceles Triangle Calculator Video