Capital Budgeting Calculators: (5) lessons

Free Accounting Rate of Return Calculator - Given an initial investment and a set of returns, this calculates the Accounting Rate of Return

Free Equivalent Annual Cost (EAC) Calculator - Given 2 Items/machines with an Investment Cost, expected lifetime, and maintenance cost, this will calculate the EAC for each Item/machine as well as draw a conclusion on which project to invest in.

Free Incremental Cash Flow Calculator - Given cash inflows, outflows, depreciable amounts, and tax rates, this determines the incremental cash flows.

Free Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) Calculator - Given a set of positive/negative cash flows, a finance rate, and a reinvestment rate, this calculates the modified internal rate of return

Free Net Present Value (NPV) - Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - Profitability Index Calculator - Given a series of cash flows Ct at times t and a discount rate of (i), the calculator will determine the Net Present Value (NPV) at time 0, also known as the discounted cash flow model.
Profitability Index
Also determines an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) based on a series of cash flows. NPV Calculator