Engineering Calculators: (4) lessons

Bending Beams Displacement
Calculates the displacement from the bending of beams at one end or both ends
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Direct Current (Electrical Engineering) Ohms Law
Enter two of the following items from the DIRECT CURRENT(DC) electrical engineering set of variables, and this will solve for the remaining two:
* I = current(amps.)
* V = Electricity potential of voltage(volts)
* R = resistance(ohms)
* P = power(watts)

Sine Wave
Solves for any of the 3 items of the Sine Wave: Peak Value, Average Value, and RMS value given 1 input.

Static Determinacy and Stability
Given a number of joints (j) and a number of members (m), this determines if a truss is statically determinate, statically indeterminate, or unstable
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