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How does the Basic Math Operations Calculator work?

Free Basic Math Operations Calculator - Given 2 numbers, this performs the following arithmetic operations:
* Addition (Adding) (+)
* Subtraction (Subtracting) (-)
* Multiplication (Multiplying) (x)
* Long division (Dividing) with a remainder (÷)
* Long division to decimal places (÷)
* Partial Sums (Shortcut Sums)
* Short Division
* Duplication and Mediation
This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 4 formulas are used for the Basic Math Operations Calculator?

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What 10 concepts are covered in the Basic Math Operations Calculator?

math operation involving the sum of elements
basic math
Elementary math subject to help students understand fundamentals, before moving on to more difficult subjects
basic math operations
long division
a standard division algorithm suitable for dividing multi-digit numerals that is simple enough to perform by hand.
math operation involving the product of elements
A part of a whole. Incomplete.
The portion of a division operation leftover after dividing two integers
math operation involving the difference of elements
the total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items

Example calculations for the Basic Math Operations Calculator

  1. 9856*45
  2. 765+98
  3. 12365-992
  4. 19654/28
  5. partial sum 36523+98
  6. partial 987524/246
  7. 8765 minus 432
  8. 876 times 986
  9. 985 divided by 43

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