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Using the International Morse Code Translation Table for Words, Numbers, and Symbols

Translate PROBLEM to Morse Code

Morse Code Table

CharacterMorse Code TranslationDit(Dah)Dot CountDash Count
P•— —•  di-dah-dah-dit22
R•—•  di-dah-dit21
O— — —  dah-dah-dah03
B—•••  dah-di-di-dit31
L•—••  di-dah-di-dit31
E•  dit10
M— —  dah-dah02

Morse Code translation for PROBLEM

•— —•  •—•  — — —  —•••  •—••  •  — —  

Dit-Dah Message for PROBLEM

Note: Dots at the end of the word are denoted as dit
at any other place in the word as di,
and dashes are denoted as dah

di-dah-dah-dit  di-dah-dit  dah-dah-dah  dah-di-di-dit  di-dah-di-dit  dit  dah-dah  

Calculate Number of Dots (Dit)

Dot Count = 11

Calculate Number of Dashes (Dah)

Dash Count = 10

Final Answer

•— —•  •—•  — — —  —•••  •—••  •  — —  

What is the Answer?
•— —•  •—•  — — —  —•••  •—••  •  — —  
How does the Morse Code Translator Calculator work?
Free Morse Code Translator Calculator - Given a phrase with letters, numbers, and most punctuation symbols, the calculator will perform the following duties:
1) Translate that phrase to Morse Code.
2) Translate the Morse Code to a Dit-Dah message
3) Calculate the number of dots in the message
4) Calculate the number of dashes in the message

This also translates from Morse Code back to English.
This calculator has 1 input.

What 3 concepts are covered in the Morse Code Translator Calculator?

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