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How does the Rectangular Solid Calculator work?
Free Rectangular Solid Calculator - Solves for Volume (Capacity) of rectangular solid
Lateral Area of rectangular Solid
Surface Area of rectangular solid.
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What 1 formula is used for the Rectangular Solid Calculator?

LA = h(2L x 2W)
SA = l x w + l x h + w x h
V = l x w x h

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What 8 concepts are covered in the Rectangular Solid Calculator?
the maximum amount that something can contain
lateral area
the calculation of the area of one side of a three-dimensional object
the measurement or extent of something from end to end
a quadrilateral with four right angles
rectangular solid
a 3 dimensional object with six sides, all of which are rectangles
surface area
the amount of space covering the outside of a three-dimensional shape.
quantity of 3-dimensional space
the measurement or extent of something from side to side.

Rectangular Solid Calculator Video

Rectangular Solid Calculator Video