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How does the Relative Coordinates Calculator work?

Given a starting point (x1,y1), this will determine your relative coordinates after moving up, down, left, and right.
This calculator has 5 inputs.

What 4 formulas are used for the Relative Coordinates Calculator?

  1. Move right, we increase x
  2. Move left, we decrease x
  3. Move up, we increase y
  4. Move down, we decease y

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What 3 concepts are covered in the Relative Coordinates Calculator?

A set of values that show an exact position
an exact location in the space, and has no length, width, or thickness
relative coordinates
coordinates specified in relation to previous coordinates

Example calculations for the Relative Coordinates Calculator

  1. Starting at a point of (1,5), you move 2 spaces up, 3 spaces left
  2. Starting at a point of (1,5), you move 2 spaces up, 8 spaces right, 7 spaces down, 3 spaces left

Relative Coordinates Calculator Video