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Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations
Free Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations Calculator - This calculator is the ultimate expansion tool to multiply polynomials. It expands algebraic expressions listed below using all 26 variables (a-z) as well as negative powers to handle polynomial multiplication. Includes multiple variable expressions as well as outside multipliers.
Also produces a polynomial equation from a given set of roots (polynomial zeros). * Binomial Expansions c(a + b)x
* Polynomial Expansions c(d + e + f)x
* FOIL Expansions (a + b)(c + d)
* Multiple Parentheses Multiplications c(a + b)(d + e)(f + g)(h + i)

Literal Equations
Free Literal Equations Calculator - Solves literal equations with no powers for a variable of your choice as well as open sentences.

Powers Of
Free Powers Of Calculator - Determines the powers of a number from 1 to n.