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partition - a grouping of its elements into non-empty subsets, in such a way that every element is included in exactly one subset.

Cross Partitions
Free Cross Partitions Calculator - Given a set of partitions, this determines the cross partitions.

Find the subset of {a,b,c,d,e}
Find the subset of {a,b,c,d,e} Using our power set calculator, we find [URL='']all the 32 subsets of {a,b,c,d,e}[/URL]

Interval Partition
Free Interval Partition Calculator - Given a partitioned interval, this evaluates the norm (mesh) by calculating each subinterval

Ordered and Unordered Partitions
Free Ordered and Unordered Partitions Calculator - Given a population size (n) and a group population of (m), this calculator determines how many ordered or unordered groups of (m) can be formed from (n)

power set for S= {b,c,f}
power set for S= {b,c,f} The [I]power set[/I] P is the set of all subsets of S including S and the empty set ?. Since S contains 3 terms, our Power Set should contain 2^3 = 8 items [URL='']Link to power set for this problem[/URL] P = [B]{{}, {b}, {c}, {f}, {b,c}, {b,f}, {c,f}, {b,c,f}}[/B]

Power Sets and Set Partitions
Free Power Sets and Set Partitions Calculator - Given a set S, this calculator will determine the power set for S and all the partitions of a set.