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Free Set Theory Notation Calculator - Evaluates and describes various set theory notation
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a measure of the number of elements of the set
a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression
the result of one of the important mathematical operations, which is obtained by subtracting two numbers
an element (or member) of a set is any one of the distinct objects that belong to that set. In chemistry, any substance that cannot be decomposed into simpler substances by ordinary chemical processes.
an indicator, sign, or measure of something
the set containing all elements of A that also belong to B or equivalently, all elements of B that also belong to A.
A ∩ B
The answer when two or more values are multiplied together
a collection of different things; a set contains elements or members, which can be mathematical objects of any kind
set theory notation
A is a subset of B if all elements of the set A are elements of the set B
Combine the elements of two or more sets
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