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A sphere has a surface area of 10

Calculate the radius, diameter, and volume.

Calculate radius (r):

SA = 4πr2

Dividing each side by 4π, we get:


Cancel 4π from each side

r2  =  SA

r2  =  10

r2  =  10

Take the square root of both sides

r = √0.79577471545948

r = 0.89206205807639

Calculate diameter (d):

d = 2r

d = 2 * 0.89206205807639

d = 1.7841241161528

Calculate Volume (V):

V  =  4πr3

V  =  4π(0.892062058076393)

V  =  4π(0.70988043043793)

V  =  2.8395217217517π

V = 0.9465π or 2.9735

Final Answers

A = 10
d = 1.7841241161528
V = 0.9465π or 2.9735

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What is the Answer?
A = 10
d = 1.7841241161528
V = 0.9465π or 2.9735
How does the Spheres Calculator work?
Free Spheres Calculator - Calculates and solves for Volume (Capacity), Surface Area, and Radius of a Sphere.
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What 1 formula is used for the Spheres Calculator?

SA = 4?r2
d = 2r
V = 4πr3/3

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What 7 concepts are covered in the Spheres Calculator?

the maximum amount that something can contain
distance from two endpoints of a circle through the center
d = 2r
Distance from the center of a circle to the edge
a geometrical object that is a three-dimensional analogue to a two-dimensional circle
surface area
the amount of space covering the outside of a three-dimensional shape.
quantity of 3-dimensional space
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