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How does the Synthetic Division Calculator work?
Free Synthetic Division Calculator - Using Ruffinis Rule, this performs synthetic division by dividing a polynomial with a maximum degree of 6 by a term (x ± c) where c is a constant root using the factor theorem. The calculator returns a quotient answer that includes a remainder if applicable. Also known as the Rational Zero Theorem
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What 3 formulas are used for the Synthetic Division Calculator?

For x + a, our root is -1 * a
Write down our coefficients horizontally and our root of a to the left
Multiply root by last result and repeat process

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What 4 concepts are covered in the Synthetic Division Calculator?
separate a number into parts
an expression of more than two algebraic terms, especially the sum of several terms that contain different powers of the same variable(s).
ruffinis rule
an efficient method of dividing a polynomial by a linear factor, with or without a remainder.
synthetic division
a shorthand method for dividing a polynomial by a linear factor

Synthetic Division Calculator Video

Synthetic Division Calculator Video

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