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How does the Sales Tax Calculator work?
Free Sales Tax Calculator - Given a sales price and a total bill, this calculates the sales tax amount and sales tax percentage
This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 2 formulas are used for the Sales Tax Calculator?

Tax Amount = Total Bill - Sales Price
Sales Tax Percentage = Sales Tax Amount * 100/Price

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What 5 concepts are covered in the Sales Tax Calculator?
a specified amount in or for every hundred. one part in every hundred.
n% = n/100
the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something
the exchange of a commodity or service for money; the action of selling something
sales tax
a tax paid to a governing body for the sales of certain goods and services.
a compulsory financial charge or some other type of levy imposed on a taxpayer by a governmental organization in order to fund government spending and various public expenditures
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Sales Tax Calculator Video

Sales Tax Calculator Video