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Triangular numbers form a triangle shape

Triangular number formula

Tn  =  n(n + 1)

Given n = 45, we have:

T45  =  45(45 + 1)

T45  =  45(46)

T45  =  2070

T45 = 1,035

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Free Triangular Number Calculator - This calculator determines the nth triangular number. Generates composite numbers.
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What 1 formula is used for the Triangular Number Calculator?

Tn = n(n + 1)/2

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What 4 concepts are covered in the Triangular Number Calculator?

a fact or a rule written with mathematical symbols. A concise way of expressing information symbolically.
an arithmetical value, expressed by a word, symbol, or figure, representing a particular quantity and used in counting and making calculations and for showing order in a series or for identification. A quantity or amount.
a flat geometric figure that has three sides and three angles
triangular number
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