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How does the Uniform Distribution Calculator work?
Free Uniform Distribution Calculator - This calculates the following items for a uniform distribution
* Probability Density Function (PDF) ƒ(x)
* Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) F(x)
* Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation
Calculates moment number t using the moment generating function
This calculator has 4 inputs.

What 2 formulas are used for the Uniform Distribution Calculator?

μ = ½(a +b)
ƒ(x) = 1 / (b - a)

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What 5 concepts are covered in the Uniform Distribution Calculator?
A statistical measurement also known as the average
a function are quantitative measures related to the shape of the functions graph
standard deviation
a measure of the amount of variation or dispersion of a set of values. The square root of variance
uniform distribution
Statistical distribution with constant probability
M = 1/(b - a)
How far a set of random numbers are spead out from the mean
Example calculations for the Uniform Distribution Calculator

Uniform Distribution Calculator Video

Uniform Distribution Calculator Video