What is a Ray

What is a Ray Definition:

A part of a line.
It has a fixed starting point
It has no end point.
Extends forever in 1 direction.

Ray Image

How To Denote a Ray:

First letter represents the fixed point.
Second letter = infinite direction point

Properties of a Ray:

Fixed starting point and no end point.

How does the What is a Ray Calculator work?

Free What is a Ray Calculator - This lesson walks you through what a Ray is and the various implications of a ray in geometry

What 5 concepts are covered in the What is a Ray Calculator?

study of math dealing with shapes, space, and properties of space
an infinitely long one-dimensional object with no width, depth, or curvature
a flat, two-dimensional surface that extends indefinitely
an exact location in the space, and has no length, width, or thickness
a part of a line that has a fixed starting point but no endpoint

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