Variable Definition

A letter/symbol representing
an unknown value

Examples of a Variable:

Use letters such as x, y, z for variables

Variable Tips for a known type:

For objets like apples or cars...
Always use the first letter of the object
For apples, use the variable a
For cars, use the variable c

When to use arbitrary variables:

Arbitrary variable phrases:
a number, an unknown number
then you must pick a variable.
Use x as an arbitrary variable

Variable Examples:

John's agea
Mary's heighth

Let statement:

The let statement is a short phrase
It restates what you are solving for.
Let a be John's age

How does the What is a Variable Calculator work?
Free What is a Variable Calculator - This lesson walks you through what a variable is and how to use it. Also demonstrates the let statement.

What 1 formula is used for the What is a Variable Calculator?

Can use any letter for a variable except e and i since those are designated special numbers in math.

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What 2 concepts are covered in the What is a Variable Calculator?

A number which could be any number it is defined to be but for which no specific value is chosen.
Alphabetic character representing a number

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