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Define our algebraic expression:

A math expression containing any of the following items:

  1. Constants (A numeric value that does not change like 5)
  2. Variables (A letter used to represent a quantity like x)
  3. Operations (Add (+), Subtract (-), Multiply (*), Divide (÷), Exponent (^), Equation (=))

A Number means a random variable

We will call it x

Using our percent to decimal calculator, we see that 44% percent as a decimal is 0.44

Evaluate the phrase %of

Multiply the variable x by the term 0.44

Evaluate the phrase Is

Set the constant 120 equal to the term 0.44x

Final Answer

0.44x = 120

What is the Answer?
0.44x = 120
How does the Algebraic Expressions Calculator work?
Free Algebraic Expressions Calculator - This calculator builds algebraic expressions based on word representations of numbers using the four operators and the words that represent them(increased,product,decreased,divided,times) Also known as Mathematical phrases
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What 13 formulas are used for the Algebraic Expressions Calculator?

Use a plus sign for: Plus, Added to, Increased
Use a minus sign for:Minus, Subtracted by, Decreased by, Reduced by, Diminished by
Use a multiplication sign for: Times, Multiplied by, The product of
Use a division sign for: Divided by, Over, The quotient of
Use an equation sign for: Equals, Is equal to, Is the same as, Is
Use a do not equal sign for: Does not equal, Is not equal to, Is not the same as, Is not
Twice, Double mean multiply by 2
Thrice, Triple mean multiply by 3
Quadruple means multiply by 4
Half means divide by 2
Squared means a power of 2
Cubed means a power of 3

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What 10 concepts are covered in the Algebraic Expressions Calculator?

Study of symbols and rules in math
algebraic expression
A way to write a mathematical expression from a phrase
a value that always assumes the same value independent of how its parameters are varied
the result of one of the important mathematical operations, which is obtained by subtracting two numbers
a statement declaring two mathematical expressions are equal
any symbol that indicates an operation to be performed such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
The result of dividing two expressions.
indicates how many times one number contains another
the total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items
Alphabetic character representing a number
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