Enter polynomial 1:

Enter polynomial 2:

Calculate the difference:
(4x2 - 60x + 1) - (4x2 + 24)

Multiply each term in 4x2 + 24 by -1
-1 x (4x2 + 24) = -4x2 - 24

Collect all of our terms:

4x2 - 60x + 1 - 4x2 - 24

Now group all of our x2 terms:
4x2 - 4x2 = 0x2

Now group all of our x terms:

Now group all of our constant terms:
1 - 24 = -23

Build our answer:

- 60x - 23

You have 2 free calculationss remaining

What is the Answer?
- 60x - 23
How does the Algebra Master (Polynomials) Calculator work?
Free Algebra Master (Polynomials) Calculator - Given 2 polynomials this does the following:
1) Polynomial Addition
2) Polynomial Subtraction

Also generates binomial theorem expansions and polynomial expansions with or without an outside constant multiplier.
This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 3 formulas are used for the Algebra Master (Polynomials) Calculator?

Polynomials with matching variables and exponents may be added or subtracted together
ax^2 + bx^2 = (a + b)x^2
ax^2 - bx^2 = (a - b)x^2

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What 7 concepts are covered in the Algebra Master (Polynomials) Calculator?

math operation involving the sum of elements
algebra master (polynomials)
binomial theorem
algebraic expansion of powers of a binomial
long division
a standard division algorithm suitable for dividing multi-digit numerals that is simple enough to perform by hand.
math operation involving the product of elements
an expression of more than two algebraic terms, especially the sum of several terms that contain different powers of the same variable(s).
math operation involving the difference of elements
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