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multiplication - math operation involving the product of elements

1 multiplied by b squared multiplied by c squared
1 multiplied by b squared multiplied by c squared b squared means we raise b to the power of 2: b^2 c squared means we raise c to the power of 2: c^2 b squared multiplied by c squared b^2c^2 1 multiplied by b squared multiplied by c squared means we multiply 1 by b^2c^2 1b^2c^2 Multiplying by 1 can be written by [U][I]removing[/I][/U] the 1 since it's an identity multiplication: [B]b^2c^2[/B]

A b = b a is an example of the property called
A b = b a is an example of the property called the [B]commutative property of multiplication[/B].

Addition and Multiplication Multiples
Free Addition and Multiplication Multiples Calculator - Shows all addition and multiplication multiples up to 20 for a positive integer

Addition and Multiplication Tables (Times Tables)
Free Addition and Multiplication Tables (Times Tables) Calculator - Shows the color coded addition or multiplication table entries and answer for any 2 numbers 1-15.

Associative Property
Free Associative Property Calculator - Demonstrates the associative property using 3 numbers. Covers the Associative Property of Addition and Associative Property of Multiplication. Also known as the Associative Law of Addition and Associative Law of Multiplication Numerical Properties

Balancing Equations
Free Balancing Equations Calculator - Given 4 numbers, this will use the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to balance the equations if possible.

Basic m x n Matrix Operations
Free Basic m x n Matrix Operations Calculator - Given 2 matrices |A| and |B|, this performs the following basic matrix operations
* Matrix Addition |A| + |B|
* Matrix Subtraction |A| - |B|
* Matrix Multiplication |A| x |B|
* Scalar multiplication rA where r is a constant.

Basic Math Operations
Free Basic Math Operations Calculator - Given 2 numbers, this performs the following arithmetic operations:
* Addition (Adding) (+)
* Subtraction (Subtracting) (-)
* Multiplication (Multiplying) (x)
* Long division (Dividing) with a remainder (÷)
* Long division to decimal places (÷)
* Partial Sums (Shortcut Sums)
* Short Division
* Duplication and Mediation

Bawi solves a problem that has an answer of x = -4. He first added 7 to both sides of the equal sign
Bawi solves a problem that has an answer of x = -4. He first added 7 to both sides of the equal sign, then divided by 3. What was the original equation [LIST=1] [*]If we added 7 to both sides, that means we had a minus 7 (-7) to start with as a constant. Since subtraction undoes addition. [*]If we divided by 3, this means we multiplied x by 3 to begin with. Since division undoes multiplication [/LIST] So we have the start equation: 3x - 7 If the answer was x = -4, then we plug this in to get our number on the right side of the equation: 3(-4) - 7 -12 - 7 -19 This means our original equation was: [B]3x - 7 = -19[/B] And if we want to solve this to prove our answer, we [URL='']type the equation into our search engine [/URL]and we get: x = -4

Binomial Multiplication (FOIL)
Free Binomial Multiplication (FOIL) Calculator - Multiplies out the product of 2 binomials in the form (a + b)(c + d) with 1 unknown variable.
This utilizes the First-Outside-Inside-Last (F.O.I.L.) method.

Boolean Algebra Multiplication
Free Boolean Algebra Multiplication Calculator - Determines the product of two expressions using boolean algebra.

Commutative Property
Free Commutative Property Calculator - Demonstrates the commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication using 3 numbers. Numerical Properties

Complex Number Operations
Free Complex Number Operations Calculator - Given two numbers in complex number notation, this calculator:
1) Adds (complex number addition), Subtracts (complex number subtraction), Multiplies (complex number multiplication), or Divides (complex number division) any 2 complex numbers in the form a + bi and c + di where i = √-1.
2) Determines the Square Root of a complex number denoted as √a + bi
3) Absolute Value of a Complex Number |a + bi|
4) Conjugate of a complex number a + bi

Currently 16 out of every 25 American adults drink coffee every day. In a town with a population of
Currently 16 out of every 25 American adults drink coffee every day. In a town with a population of 7900 adults, how many of these adults would you expect to drink coffee ever We'd multiply 16/25 times 7900: Using our [URL='']fraction multiplication calculator by type 16/25 of 7900[/URL], we get: [B]5056[/B]

Danny's mom ate 1/6 of an ice cream cake. Danny and his sister want to split the remainder of it. Ho
Danny's mom ate 1/6 of an ice cream cake. Danny and his sister want to split the remainder of it. How much of the cake would each get? If Danny's mom ate 1/6 of the cake, then we have: 1 - 1/6 of the cake left. We [URL='']use our fraction subtraction calculator[/URL] for 1 - 1/6 to get: 5/6 If Danny and his sister split the remainder, then we divide 5/6 by 2. It's also the same as multiplying 5/6 by 1/2: We [URL='']use our fraction multiplication calculator[/URL] to get: [B]5/12 for Danny and his sister[/B]

Every 6 customers receive a soda, every 8 a hot dog there are 329 customers . how many received both
This is a least common multiple problem. [URL='']The least common multiple of 6 and 8 is 24[/URL] So every 24th person, less than or equal to 329 receives both a soda [U]and[/U] a hot dog. Using our multiples calculator, we find there are [URL='']13 multiples of 24 less than or equal to 329[/URL]. 24,48,72,96,120,144,168,192,216,240,264,288,312

Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations
Free Expand Master and Build Polynomial Equations Calculator - This calculator is the ultimate expansion tool to multiply polynomials. It expands algebraic expressions listed below using all 26 variables (a-z) as well as negative powers to handle polynomial multiplication. Includes multiple variable expressions as well as outside multipliers.
Also produces a polynomial equation from a given set of roots (polynomial zeros). * Binomial Expansions c(a + b)x
* Polynomial Expansions c(d + e + f)x
* FOIL Expansions (a + b)(c + d)
* Multiple Parentheses Multiplications c(a + b)(d + e)(f + g)(h + i)

Finite Field
Free Finite Field Calculator - Demonstrates the addition table and multiplication table for a finite field (Galois Field) of n denoted GF(n).

Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Free Fractions and Mixed Numbers Calculator - Given (improper fractions, proper fraction, mixed numbers, or whole numbers), this performs the following operations:
* Addition (Adding)
* Subtraction (Subtracting)
* Positive Difference (Absolute Value of the Difference)
* Multiplication (Multiplying)
* Division (Dividing: complex fraction division is included)
* Compare Fractions
* Simplifying of proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers. Fractions will be reduced down as far as possible (Reducing Fractions).
* Reciprocal of a Fraction
* Find all fractions between two fractions
* reduce a fraction

Lattice Multiplication
Free Lattice Multiplication Calculator - Performs Lattice Multiplication or the Napiers Bones (Napier Rods) method of multiplication

Multiplication Array
Free Multiplication Array Calculator - This allows you to enter pictorials using * symbols to represent multiplication

Multiplication Comparison
Free Multiplication Comparison Calculator - Evaluates a multiplication comparison

Multiplication Equality Property
Free Multiplication Equality Property Calculator - Demonstrates the Multiplication Equality Property Numerical Properties

Multiplication Property Of Inequality
Free Multiplication Property Of Inequality Calculator - Demonstrates the Multiplication Property Of Inequality Numerical Properties

Signed Integer Operations
Free Signed Integer Operations Calculator - This performs a string of signed integer operations, either all addition and subtraction, or all multiplication and division.

Zero Multiplication Property
Free Zero Multiplication Property Calculator - Demonstrates the Zero Multiplication property using a number. Also called the Zero Product Property. Numerical Properties

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