Subtract x^2-6x+8 and x^2-3x

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Calculate the difference of (x2 - 6x + 8) - (x2 - 3x)

Since we are subtracting, we need to multiply each term in x2 - 3x by -1
-1 x (x2 - 3x) = -x2 + 3x

Collecting all of our terms, our resulting expression is:

1x2 - 6x + 8 - 1x2 + 3x

Now group all of our x2 terms:
1x2 - 1x2 = 0x2

Now group all of our x terms:
- 6x + 3x = -3x

Now group all of our constant terms:

Now take our groupings of terms by powers and constants and form our answer:

- 3x + 8

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