An oil tank contains 220.2 gallons of oil......

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    An oil tank contains 220.2 gallons of oil. Whenever the amount of oil drops below 90 gallons, an alarm sounds. If 145.3 gallons are pumped into a delivery truck, how many gallons must be pumped back into the tank in order to shut off the alarm?

    I'm doing a remedial math course and I need help with a lot of questions..

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    Start with 220.2 gallons of oil. Add 145.3 more gallons
    220.2 + 145.3 = 365.3

    Now, figure out how much be pumped out to get down to 90. Call it x
    365.3 - x = 90

    Rearranging our equation, we have:
    x = 365.3 - 90
    x = 275.3

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