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    I don't understand this word problem: If each of these shapes in Figure 1 were separated and filled with water, could the sphere that contains the cube hold all of the water? Assume in the second image the corners of the cube touch the sphere so the diagonal from one corner of the cube to the opposite diagonal corner is the diameter of the sphere. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Could you guys help me please?

  2. math_celebrity

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    Figure 1, we have a cone, cylinder, and cube. Let's get the volume of each
    Cone volume = pir^2h/3
    radius = s/2
    h = s
    Cone Volume = pi(s/2)^2(s)/3
    Cone Volume = pis^3/12

    Volume of cube = s^3

    Volume of cylinder = pir^2h
    Volume of cylinder = pi(s/2)^2s
    Volume of cylinder = pis^3/2

    But Figure 2 has no sizes? For sides, height, etc. So I cannot answer the question until I have that.

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