please solve the fifth word problem

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  1. barbie

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    Karen purchased a prepaid phone card for
    . Long distance calls cost
    cents a minute using this card. Karen used her card only once to make a long distance call. If the remaining credit on her card is
    , how many minutes did her call last?

  2. math_celebrity

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    Find what was used:
    Used Money = Prepaid original cost - Remaining Credit
    Used Money = 20 - 17.47
    Used Money = 2.53

    Using (m) as the number of minutes, we have the following cost equation:
    C(m) = 0.11m

    C(m) = 2.53, so we have:
    0.11m = 2.53

    Divide each side by 0.11
    m = 23

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