Simplify and 3/8

Enter fraction(s) below:


Simplify and Evaluate the following fraction:


First, evaluate the numerator and denominator

The numerator is
The denominator is 1
This fraction cannot be simplified
From our GCF Calculator, we see that the highest number that reduces and 1 down to an integer is 1.

This number, 1, is called our Greatest Common Factor (GCF), and will be used to reduce both numerator and denominator as seen below.

Reducing the numerator gives us: (1/1) x = 0

Reducing the denominator gives us: (1/1) x 1 = 1

Our answer is just the reduced numerator divided by the reduced denominator.


Since our denominator is = 1, we simplify and just show the numerator as our answer → 0


You entered a whole number. We need to convert this whole number to a mixed number.
Let's find the whole number first. The formula for this is:
(Numerator/Denominator) in whole numbers

Using the fraction you entered of , let's evaluate:
Whole Number = / 1 = 0
Whole Number = Integer(0)
Whole Number = 0

Now we find the fractional portion of the mixed number. The formula for that is:
(Numerator - Denominator x Whole Number)

Using the values we entered and calculated, we get:
Fraction Portion  =  ( - 1 x 0)

Fraction Portion  =   - 0

Fraction Portion  =  0

Now combine both pieces and piece together the mixed number:
Mixed Number = Whole Number & fraction Portion
Mixed Number = 0 & 0/1


What is the Answer?


How does the Fractions and Mixed Numbers Calculator work?

Given (improper fractions, proper fraction, mixed numbers, or whole numbers), this performs the following operations:
* Addition (Adding)
* Subtraction (Subtracting)
* Positive Difference (Absolute Value of the Difference)
* Multiplication (Multiplying)
* Division (Dividing: complex fraction division is included)
* Compare Fractions
* Simplifying of proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers. Fractions will be reduced down as far as possible (Reducing Fractions).
* Reciprocal of a Fraction
* Find all fractions between two fractions
* reduce a fraction
This calculator has 2 inputs.

What 8 formulas are used for the Fractions and Mixed Numbers Calculator?

  1. a/c + b/c = (a + b)/c
  2. a/c - b/c = (a - b)/c
  3. a/c * b/c = ab/c * c
  4. a/b/c/d = ad/bc
  5. Reciprocal of a/b = b/a

For more math formulas, check out our Formula Dossier

What 10 concepts are covered in the Fractions and Mixed Numbers Calculator?

math operation involving the sum of elements
The bottom portion of a fraction. For a/b, b is the denominator
separate a number into parts
how many parts of a certain size exist
a/b where a is the numerator and b is the denominator
mixed number
a number consisting of an integer and a proper fraction.
math operation involving the product of elements
the number above the line in a common fraction
a number which when multiplied by x yields the multiplicative identity, 1
reducing the expression/fraction/problem in a simpler form.
math operation involving the difference of elements

Example calculations for the Fractions and Mixed Numbers Calculator

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  2. 3/4-1/2
  3. 8/9*5/6
  4. 2/3/5/7
  5. 1&5/8
  6. 4 and 3/7
  7. 1/2 and 5/9
  8. 2/9 of 3
  9. reciprocal of 9/4
  10. 195/6/4
  11. Simplify 15/20
  12. 1/2?3/4
  13. between 3/4 and 7/12

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