Language Calculators: (8) lessons

Common Prefixes
Free Common Prefixes Calculator - Shows common prefixes, meanings, and example words

Common Suffixes
Free Common Suffixes Calculator - Shows common suffixes, meanings, and example words

Coordinating Conjunctions
Free Coordinating Conjunctions Calculator - Shows the 7 coordinating conjunctions using the mnemonic FANBOYS. The seven coordinating conjunctions are (FOR, AND, NOR, BUT, OR, YET, SO)
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Grammar Items
Free Grammar Items Calculator - Takes a sentence and list various items having to do with grammar

Irregular Verbs
Free Irregular Verbs Calculator - Shows the 168 irregular verbs along with their simple past tense and past participle

Phonetic Algorithms
Free Phonetic Algorithms Calculator - Given a name, this calculator translates a name to one of the following 3 phonetic algorithms:
* Soundex
* Metaphone
* New York State Identification and Intelligence System (NYSIIS)
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Free Phonograms Calculator - Shows the 75 basic phonograms of the English language

Spelling Rules
Free Spelling Rules Calculator - Shows spelling rules with sounding rules