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Free 1089 Number Trick Calculator - Demonstrates the 1089 number trick for a 3 digit number that you enter

Free ASCII and Text Conversion Calculator - This converts a string to ASCII or ASCII to a string.

Free Base Change Conversions Calculator - Converts a positive integer to Binary-Octal-Hexadecimal Notation or Binary-Octal-Hexadecimal Notation to a positive integer. Also converts any positive integer in base 10 to another positive integer base (Change Base Rule or Base Change Rule or Base Conversion)

Free Bit Shifting Calculator - Performs a bit shift left or a bit shift right on a decimal or binary number

Free Bitwise Operations Calculator - Performs bitwise operations between two decimal or binary numbers:
* Bitwise OR
* Bitwise AND
* Bitwise XOR

Also performs Bitwise NOT on 1 number

Free Braille Translator Calculator - Given a phrase with letters, numbers, and most punctuation symbols, the calculator will perform the following duties:
1) Translate that phrase to Braille
2) Calculate the number of dots in the message
3) Calculate the number of empty spaces in the message

Free Caesar Box Calculator - Decodes a Caesar Box, Caesars box, or Caesar's box

Free Change Counting Calculator - This shows you how to make change using the least amount of bills/coins by taking a bill amount and a cash tendered amount from a customer and figuring out the fastest way to make change. Maximum denomination is $100

Free Clock Gain and Loss Calculator - This calculates the gain/loss in seconds of a clock over a certain period of time.

Free Coin Amount to Denomination Calculator - Takes a money value and using the highest possible bills/coins, constructs the amount using bills and coins.

Free Coin Values Calculator - This calculates the total value of a given amount of:
* Pennies
* Nickels
* Dimes
* Quarters
* Half-Dollars
* Dollars

Free Coupon Comparison Calculator - Given a cost of goods, a dollar off coupon, and a percentage off coupon, this calculator will compare the two deals and determine which one is of more value. If the dollar coupon wins, the calculator will project the break even price where the dollar coupon would surpass the percentage coupon

Free Date Calendar Calculator - Shows a calendar for a month and year

Free Day of Year Calendar Calculator - Shows you the numeric day within a full calendar year and leap year

Free Elapsed Time Calculator - This determines the elapsed time between two clock readings.

Free Encryption Calculator - Encrypts various strings using methods such as:

Free Exponential Growth Calculator - This solves for any 1 of the 4 items in the exponential growth equation or exponential decay equation, Initial Value (P), Ending Value (A), Rate (r), and Time (t).

Free Football Squares Calculator - Generates a Football Squares grid

Free Gas Mileage Calculator - Given miles driven and gallons of gas, this calculates your gas (fuel) mileage.

Free Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator - Calculates Grade Point Average (GPA) based on letter grades entered.

Free Half-Life of a Substance Calculator - Given a half-life (h) of a substance at time t, this determines the new substance size at time tn, otherwise known as decay.

Free Heat Index Calculator - Given a temperature in Fahrenheit and a relative humidity percentage, this calculates the Heat Index.

Free Logistic Map Calculator - Given r, x0 and (n) trials, this will display the logistic map.

Free Mathematical Constants and Identities Calculator - Calculates and explains various mathematical constants such as:
* Gelfonds (Gelfond's) Constant
* Eulers Constant

Free Military Phonetic Alphabet Calculator - Translates a statement or phrase into the military phonetic alphabet

Free Morse Code Translator Calculator - Given a phrase with letters, numbers, and most punctuation symbols, the calculator will perform the following duties:
1) Translate that phrase to Morse Code.
2) Translate the Morse Code to a Dit-Dah message
3) Calculate the number of dots in the message
4) Calculate the number of dashes in the message

This also translates from Morse Code back to English.

Free N-Grams Calculator - Takes a phrase and displays chracter unigrams, character bigrams, character trigrams, and character n-grams as well as word unigrams, word bigrams, word trigrams, and word n-grams. (ngrams)
Also performs frequency analysis (number of instances of each letter)

Free Pascal-Floyd-Leibniz Triangle Calculator - This generates the first (n) rows of the following triangles:
Pascal's Triangle
Leibniz's Harmonic Triangle
Floyd's Triangle

Free Phone Number Translator Calculator - Given a phone number with letters in it, this calculator will determine the numeric phone number for you to dial.

Free Pool Volume Calculator - Given a round shaped pool, this calculates the volume (Capacity) in gallons of the pool when filled with water

Free Run Length Encoding Calculator - Given a string, this will determine the run length encoding using repeating patterns of characters.

Free Salary Converter Calculator - This calculator converts an annual salary to the following measures:
* Monthly
* Weekly
* Daily
* Hourly
* Each Minute
* Each Second

Free Stopping-Braking Distance for a Car Calculator - Calculates the estimated stopping distance of a vehicle given a speed in miles per hour (mph)

Free String Comparison Algorithms Calculator - Given two strings A and B, this calculates the following items:
1) Similar Text Pair Ranking Score
2) Levenshtein (Edit Distance).

Free Time Zone Converter Calculator - Converts a time from one time zone (timezone) to another.


Free Tip Calculator - Calculates the total bill with Tip and how much each person owes if the bill is split evenly. Shows the amount of tip per person.

Free Typing Speed Calculator - Solves for words per minute, number of words typed, errors, or number of minutes typing based on user entry.

Free Unicode Calculator - Translates a unicode to a character

Free Unix Time Translation Calculator - Translates a unix time to date and time information

Free Walking Distance (Pedometer) Calculator - Given a number of steps and a distance per stride in feet, this calculator will determine how far you walk in other linear measurements.

Free Wind Chill Factor Calculator - This calculator determines the wind chill factor given a temperature in F° and a wind speed in miles per hour (mph). Simply enter your temperature and wind speed and press the button

Free Word Scrambler Calculator - Scrambles a list of words for you.

Free Yahtzee-1st Roll Calculator - Calculates the probability of various scoring hands in the game of Yahtzee on the 1st roll of the dice.