lateral area  
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lateral area - the calculation of the area of one side of a three-dimensional object

Bretschneiders Formula
Free Bretschneiders Formula Calculator - Calculates the area of a quadrilateral using Bretschneiders Formula

Free Cones Calculator - Calculates and solves for Radius, height, Volume (Capacity), Lateral Area, and Surface Area of a Cone.

Free Cube Calculator - Solves for Volume (Capacity), Lateral Area,Surface Area, and the value of a side for a cube.

Free Cylinders Calculator - Calculates and solves for Radius, Diameter, Volume (Capacity), Lateral Area, and Surface Area of a Cylinder.

Equilateral Triangle
Free Equilateral Triangle Calculator - Given a side (a), this calculates the following items of the equilateral triangle:
* Perimeter (P)
* Semi-Perimeter (s)
* Area (A)
* altitudes (ha,hb,hc)
* medians (ma,mb,mc)
* angle bisectors (ta,tb,tc)
* Circumscribed Circle Radius (R)
* Inscribed Circle Radius (r)

Free Quadrilateral Calculator - Given 4 points entered, this determines the area using Brahmaguptas Formula and perimeter of the quadrilateral formed by the points as well as checking to see if the quadrilateral (quadrangle) is a parallelogram.

Rectangular Solid
Free Rectangular Solid Calculator - Solves for Volume (Capacity) of rectangular solid
Lateral Area of rectangular Solid
Surface Area of rectangular solid.