2-dimensional geometric shape formulas

Square4 x ss2s = side length
Rectangle2 x l + 2 x wl x wl = length and w = width
Equilateral Triangle3 x s½ s x hs = side and h = height
Isosceles Triangle2 x s + b½ s x hs = side and h = height and b = base
Circle2πr or πdπr2r = radius and d = diameter
Kite2 x ss + 2 x lsd1 x d2ss = short side length and ls = long side length and d = diagonal length
Parallelogram2 x l + 2 x wl x wl = length and w = width
Trapezoidb1 + b2 + s1 + s2a x ½(b1 + b2)b = base and a = altitude
Pentagon5 x s¼(a x s)a = apothem and s = side
Hexagon6 x s½(3√3s2)s = side
Rhombus4 x s½ d1d2s = side length, d1 and d2 = diagonal length

3-dimensional geometric shape formulas

ShapeLateral AreaSurface AreaVolumeComments
Cube4 x s26 x s2s3s = side length
Rectangular SolidH(2L x 2W) L x W + L x H + W x H L x W x HL = length, W = width, H = height
Cylinder2πrh2πr2h + 2πrhπr2hr = radius and h = height
Pyramid½Base Perimeter x Slant HeightBase Area x Lateral Area1/3 Area of the Base x Heightr = radius and h = height
r = radius
Coneπrlπr2 + πrl1/3πr2hr = radius and h = height and l = slant height

Angle Ratio for a Triangle:

Given a triangle with an angle ratio of a:b:c, the equation to solve for the angles is given by ax + bx + cx = 180, where Angle A = ax, Angle B = bx, and Angle C = cx